A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 26th October, 2002 and it's that time of the year again when ghosties & ghoulies emerge to haunt the Churnet Valley. To follow are some of the scenes created down at Cheddleton. Every time I attend one of these events I feel it can't get better than this but each time it does. This year it was just incredible and the amount of effort put in by the volunteers was immeasurable but fully rewarded by the vast crowds in attendance. If you missed it it was your own fault..............

 The trains were top and tailed by 33102 and 80098, the latter bearing a "silly face".

 Off they went with lots of steam and scream.....

 Stood on the crossing to greet the children was the Wolfman - the kids were petrified.

  Into the station and the booking hall was suitably decked out.

 Jack the Ripper was at large and the long arm of the law was out to get him.

 One of the station staff?

 The mess hut was temporarily converted to accommodate those who dare stay.

 Those who stayed.........

 And Beetlejuice's dinner table was full of tricks (and severed heads).

 While some of the ghouls were just, well...posers!

 Uncle and Auntie Fester were scaring babies.

 Meanwhile back at the station the cafeteria had been made over. Sadly this scene doesn't show the dramatic effects of the ultra violet lighting.

 Unfortunately Uncle Fester happened to be on the train with us and insisted on paying frequent visits to the compartments. There also seemed to be problems with the lights when he was around. Hmmmm.......

 Cheddleton tunnel and cave paintings added to the atmosphere.

 Now our train was ready to go and driver Terry Essery doesn't seem to be taking things very seriously. Perhaps he was just having a good time.

 Scary face.