A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 Churnet Valley Railway

27th October 2007

 The 2007 Ghost Train on the Churnet Valley Railway and the DMU waits to head South for Froghall. I was surprised to see that the 2-coach DMU had grown to become a 3-coach DMU! The answer was that Test Coach "Iris" was still around and coupled to the resident unit.

 The now traditional band was present and sounding pretty good as well.

 Ghostly glow.....

 The Canon is not good at night and produces halos around any light source.

The Moorlander kitchen car was busy serving food.

 En route to Froghall and whilst we stopped at Consall to await the down train we were advised that this station was closed for the event. Or was it.........

It certainly looked inhabited to me but by what.........

Well Froghall certainly wasn't deserted.

 There was much activity on the embankment.

 Hmmmmmmm.......do I know him?

This year we had a helter-skelter to entertain - nice one, and the kids loved it.

After a very tasty pastie in the cafe and a burger down the yard it was back to Cheddleton which was also well crowded.

To finish, a couple of shots of "Iris".
Once again the staff and volunteers of the CVR have pulled out all the stops to provide yet another highly entertaining event.