A reproduction of "The Knotty" magazine as published by The North Staffordshire Railway Company (1978) Ltd.

 This edition was of particular significance in that it was, for the first time, produced using a, then, state-of-the-art Xerox photocopying machine. Where it was located and how much it was used is not for public consumption!

At the time this edition was produced there was enormous opposition to the railway from the people of Alton and Oakamoor which resulted in a public meeting being called by The Churnet Valley Action Group. The action took place in Oakamoor village hall. On the "panel" were representatives from BR, Staffordshire County Council and me. I wouldn't say we were taken apart and I hesitate to use the term "lynch mob" but believe me, it got pretty heated. One of the main arguments against our scheme was the damage we would inflict upon the wildlife - we later found out that shooting in the valley around Alton and Oakamoor was commonplace hence the sarcastic reference to the (fictitious) Oakamoor and Alton Shotgun Owners Group!

 Some text has been removed because various addresses and telephone numbers are no longer valid.
Other information is now regarded as being of a personal nature and no longer relevant.

 Please Note: The England of 40 years ago was not so easily offended and we had not sunk under the degrading and overwhelming imposition of political correctness that we suffer today, hence the humour that abounds in these old magazines. Everything we did in those days was done for fun and the banter and sarcasm was taken, and given, constantly and with good intent so please read on and accept the wording for what it represented - simple good fun and a great camaraderie that went on to build what is today, The Churnet Valley Railway. Here's to the next 40 years!

 This then was Knotty number 19 from Summer 1979

 Inflammatory prophecy from 30 years ago! This was only one of twenty, numbered issues supplied with this cover, such was the sensitivity surrounding the NSRC proposals to run to Alton. I don't have to hand the standard cover that was sent out to members.
Serious at the time, it all seems so trivial now.

 Permanent Way - don't you just love it?

 Crewe to Oakamoor via Cauldon for £2.50 return - think about it!

 Ref the shed plates, Terry produced a full set of "5" shedplates in brass. They used to be fixed on the wall of Cheddleton Station museum room but where are they now?

 Tug-of-War across the Cauldon canal - now there's an idea!!! Any takers?

 Explanatory note: GPO is now BT and the reference to Tony and Dave was because of the amount of (their own) money they spent on telephone calls to organise the various tours and, in Tony's case, to coax members into joining working parties.
It paid not to answer the phone towards the weekend!