A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

21st SEPTEMBER 2008

 Oakamoor day on The Churnet Valley Railway and shareholders had been invited to take a trip down to Oakamoor on the section of the line not normally open to passengers. Special permission had been granted to run these trains as well as those for the following weekend when the railway runs its "Scenic Railcar Weekend".

 Ancient and modern.

 With the completion of the up platform at Froghall, the oft heard but rarely seen weir on the Churnet River can now be seen.

 The neat and tidy view South....

 ....and North.

 The road bridge can now be viewed from the up platform.

 The two DMU's waiting to shuttle shareholders to Leekbrook and thence to Oakamoor and back.

 The other end complete with headboard.

 Leaving for Leekbrook....

 ....with plenty of clag.

 The normal service train was in the charge of S160 number 5197.

 Love it or hate it, the S160 is impressive.

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