A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 16th December 2001

 Not having seen the Stanier Class 5 number 45337 in action I went along to Cheddleton to have a look at one of the "Santa Express" days. The event was, as usual, extremely well organised and the desired effect seemed to have been achieved with father Christmas doling out presents.

There was a Santa waiting to greet everyone as they arrived 

 Ye Olde Chestnut seller complete with urchin.

 S160 in Harry Potter mode.

 44422 in the throes of an overhaul.

 The sound of a Stanier hooter heralded the arrival of the "Santa Express" and the sight and sound of a Class 5 in action was well worth the journey.

 Tacked on the rear end was Class 33 diesel number 33102, this was to eliminate the runrounds and save time.

 45337 had stopped short of the station to take on water.

 Approaching Cheddleton.

 After entering the station and discharging passengers, the empty train ran off to Leekbrook for cleaning and servicing. It later returned with the Class 33 in charge.

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