A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

SUPER "D" - 7th August 2005

A visit to the Churnet Valley Railway to see the Super D - recently released from LNWR works at Crewe after a complete rebuild. First thing in view is the class 47 diesel D1842 looking resplendent in the Summer sunshine.

I didn't have long to wait as the mournful hooter sounded down the valley. 49395 came trundling in to view in a scene that could have been witnessed 50 or more years ago.

I never thought I would see the day......

Classic LNWR of yesteryear.

A trip down to Froghall, a spot of lunch in the station cafe and time for more Super D as it came slowly into view.

Running round the stock and much admired.

Back to Cheddleton after having listened to the distinctively odd beat, slowly developing as the valve gear beds in.

As a child I watched and listened to these locomotives as they thrashed their way through Skelton Junction, near Altrincham, to attack the severe incline that ran through Broadheath station heading in the Warrington direction. Often the weight of the train would prohibit the engine from making it over the top and, upon stalling, the driver would reverse back down to take another run at the bank. Two attempts were the norm after which a banker would be called in to assist. "chuff CHUFF chuff chuff-wheeze" was the sound - highly evocative today.