A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 "D" Day- 27th August 2005

It's "D" Day on the Churnet Valley Railway - the day the Super D is handed over to the National Railway Museum. Handing it over is Mr.Peter Waterman who has been responsible for financing and implementing the huge task of restoration. Mr.W. is seen here having a good time on the footplate of 49395 as it arrives at Froghall with the first service train of the day.

The engine was detached and began to run round the stock......

.....but water had to be collected en route and Mr.W. was willing to lend a hand.

After coupling up it was time for CVR Chairman, Anthony Hancock (L), to make the introductions and explain what the event was all about.

The official handing over.

A present for Mr.Waterman.

A framed picture of a Super D in action on a coal train.

A quick pose for the cameras.

A desperate, but much ignored, cry of "all aboard"......


...and it was into the sumptuous VIP coach we went for a round trip behind 49395.