A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 12th February 2005

 The first major event of the 2005 season, Thomas Day, saw the aftermath of substantial amounts of rain having fallen and with the Churnet on flood alert.

 Picnic Island was close to becoming Picnic Tree Tops.

 68030 passing through en route for Leekbrook.

 Thomas continued to plod up and down the yard.

 68030 returning from Leekbrook.

 As the train set off for Consall the extent of the flooding can be seen.

 No stopping at Consall for the time being at least as the train entered the loop to pass the waiting DMU. Work to recreate the up platform can be clearly seen.

 Arrival at Froghall.

 The recently completed DMU, seen here with Llandudno as its destination!

 I took the DMU to Consall to witness the various activities which included the Owls.

 68030 arrived from Cheddleton and ran into the passing loop.

 As 80136 disappeared down the valley, the waiting DMU was released to run North.

Exchanging tokens with the signalman.

 This is an opportunistic shot was taken in Leek Brook tunnel?

 The DMU waiting to leave Cheddleton.

 The end.

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