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 Crewe, the last day of the year and absolutely freezing as a very battered looking 37055 "leaned" off the Manchester line. 31/12/2001

 Looking terrible, it powered its way down through the station into the blinding Winter sunshine. 31/12/2001

 Round the corner, past the LNWR workshops, came 47806, the last class 47 haulage of the 9.19 Holyhead-London working of 2001. 31/12/2001

 The 47 came off at Crewe as usual and 86425 "Caledonian" took over. 31/12/2001

 47805 enters Crewe with the 9.19 Holyhead-London on the last weekend of 2001 when two, class 47 hauled, trains can be seen. 29/12/2001

 Earlier, 47732 "Restormel" took out the 07.20 London-Holyhead en route for North Wales. 29/12/2001

 This was an unusual event at Crewe when a London-Glasgow train arrived with the DVT facing North and two AC electrics bringing up the rear. 29/12/2001

 The two locomotives were 87022 "Lew Adams The Black Prince" running dead inside 86259 "Greater Manchester, The Life and Soul of Britain" which was powering the train. Thanks to Gareth McMurray for the information. 29/12/2001

 The 13.43 Holyhead-London HST leaving Colwyn Bay station, power cars were 43122+43153. 27/12/2001

 37707 at Crewe Diesel Depot 19/12/2001

 The XP64 class 47 number 47853 appears to be taking up residence on the North Wales Coast as it appeared again today on the 9.19 Holyhead-London. It detached to run to Preston but paused momentarily alongside 87033 "Thane of Fyfe" which replaced it. 18/12/2001

 47722 "The Queen Mother" was on the 11.45 for Liverpool ex-Poole. 18/12/2001

 The 12.09 for London Euston was powered by 87004 "Britannia" and was carrying 90009 "The Economist" dead inside the train. 18/12/2001

 47781 "Isle of Iona" ran through platform 12 with a postal "Christmas Extra". 18/12/2001

 The "Royal Scot" still runs but does not stop at Crewe. Here, 87028 "Lord President", storms through the centre road in gloomy semi-darkness with the down train - very impressive. 18/12/2001

 37520 had been on the depot pumps and later ran North onto the West Coast Main Line. 18/12/2001

 Crewe Diesel Depot yard has been reorganised and looks much more tidy now despite the gloomy, miserable weather conditions. Seen here are 47760(L), 47258, 31102 and 47762. 18/12/2001

 90239 must have had a problem and is being repaired in the open air, the fitter is underneath. This is a common occurrence on this spot. 18/12/2001

 It makes the heart race when a 37 appears with passenger stock out of platform 11 but no luck, it was an ecs movement of two "Northern Belle" coaches from the IEMD to the LNWR carriage sheds. 37704 was a fine sight nonetheless. 14/12/2001

 There was much shunting of capital stock in the Diesel Depot yard with 08 shunter "Silver Fox" (no number carried) in charge. Here 47760 "Ribblehead Viaduct" and 47349 were on the move. 14/12/2001

 47323 and 58022 were also pushed around a bit. I didn't see the final configuration so I don't know if this was a prelude to a trip to Wigan for some. 14/12/2001

 66518 was one of several "Freightliner" class 66's on offer today. 14/12/2001

 The 11.45 for Liverpool ex-Poole is still a regular 47 working but for how long? Here 47829 is pulling away. 14/12/2001

 Three out four ain't bad to paraphrase the big fella. Three of the four retro painted class 47's passed through Crewe today (top) XP64 number 47853/D1733 was the first as it came off the 9.19 Holyhead-London and parked up in bay 10 before continuing North to Preston. Large Logo 47847 (centre) was substituting for an HST on a Cross Country run and 47826 "Springburn" in Inter City livery (bottom) was one of several Manchester trains diverted via Crewe due to difficulties on the Stoke line. 14/12/2001

 37707 came off the West Coast Main Line and passed through the station en route for Basford with a train of used ballast. The locomotive later went onto the diesel depot. 14/12/2001



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