North Wales Coast
February 2001 Part 1

 The 9.19 Holyhead-London arrived at Crewe 5 minutes early behind Intercity liveried 47826 sporting odd numerals. 7/2/2001

 The diesel locomotive is detached at Crewe to be replaced by an AC electric. Today the class 47 ran round the train and went off up the Chester line. 7/2/2001

 Waiting out on the Chester line siding was 87020 "North Briton" which was attached to the rear to propel the train to London. 7/2/2001

 Was this my last shot of 37429 on active service? It was taken outside Conwy Castle on 20th January 2001 and was too close for my digital camera to cope. The locomotive was sidelined after this run before appearing in Crewe Diesel Depot yard on 23rd January 2001 parked on the scrapline. It moved to Cardiff later in the day where it was reported to be running with two traction motors isolated. It is now reported as on decision at Cardiff with an unlikely future. This was the last operational unit running in Regional Railways livery. Thanks to "Matt" for the information

 Crewe station Saturday 3rd February 2001 and another rugby special is ready to depart for Cardiff. This time the locomotive is 33108 hauling stock I have not seen before - 5365, 5307, 5350, 17086, 5364 and 5275 (Wendy).

 33108 reversed the stock from the LNWR carriage sheds into bay platform 7 where a good crowd boarded but how many were bashers is anybody's guess! 3/2/2001

 The locomotive was shining like a new pin and you could positively smell the paint as it ticked over in the bay. There were those on the platform that doubted it's ability to survive the journey but, nonetheless, it left at 10.30 for South Wales. (apparently the fears were justified, it failed at Hereford and was dragged to Cardiff and then back to Crewe by 37428) 3/2/2001

 February started with a bit of activity at the Grand Junction with Sister Dora making an appearance on a maintenance train. Sadly 37415 was still lying dead on the diesel Depot and more coastal 37's look ever more remote.

 Celebrity 37 number 37116 "Sister Dora" standing at Crewe with a train of concrete sleepers. I since found out that this locomotive worked 4 North Wales Coast trains on 8th June 1996. Thanks to the Class 37 Group website for the information. 02/02/2001

 The train later left on the West Coast Main Line. 02/02/2001

 DRS locomotives 37611 and 37610 headed South through the station LE and stopped outside the LNWR carriage sheds before one of them(?) attached to a rake of NW Coast coaches including one RR vehicle. All were later pushed into the sheds by an 08 shunter. 02/02/2001

 43121 brought the 08.38 London-Holyhead into platform 11 running 40 minutes down. 43093 "Lady in Red" brought up the rear of the train consisting of just 5 coaches plus a buffet car. 02/02/2001

 A few seconds after the HST had left 47841 "Spirit of Chester" hauled the 09.19 Holyhead-London into the same platform. The loco detached here while AC electric 87027 "Wolf of Badenoch" attached itself to the rear for the push to London.

 "Wolf of Badenoch" was a victim of the Winsford crash when it hit the rear of, I think, a class 142, detaching the body from the frame and pushing it forward a few metres. Fortunately the 142 was empty at the time otherwise there may have been more serious consequences. The locomotive was repaired at Crewe. 02/02/2001

 142044 waits in bay platform 9 to depart for Chester. 02/02/2001

 37521 "English China Clays", a former runner on the North wales Coast, appeared off the Manchester line with the Middlewich - Arpley Enterprise. Strangely the train crossed over to run through platform 6 while passengers were asked to stand clear of the platform edge. This train runs through to Basford Hall sidings to reverse before heading back North up the WCML for Warrington. 02/02/2001

 The train was held at the South end of platform 6 while several trains passed through which gave me the opportunity to photograph it again. 02/02/2001



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