North Wales Coast
January 2001 Part1

 An old friend returns - 37415, a former Coastline performer, was ticking over at Crewe Diesel Depot at noon today. I never thought we would see this one again. 12/01/2001

 "Mainline" liveried 37216 ran through centre road with the Middlewich-Warrington freight. 12/01//2001

 All shiny and new, 175110 waits to depart from platform 12 with the 11.15 for Holyhead. 12/01/2001

 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" failed again on the North Wales Coast line this morning with brake problems (thanks to the Class 37 Group's site for the information). "Thunderbird" loco number 47705 "Guy Fawkes" dragged the stock, comprising 4902, 35453, 5029 and 5025 with 37429 dead at the rear, into the platform 12 loop. Please click on the photo for more images. 11/01/2001

 "Hippo" 175105 left Crewe with the 11.15 for Holyhead. 11/01/2001

 37704 came off the Manchester line with 6F17 the Middlewich - Warrington Enterprise freight.....

 .......passing through the centre of the station in order to reverse at Basford then head North for Warrington. 11/01/2001

 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" appears to have survived its "B" exam and was stood, with its engine running, at Crewe Diesel Depot refuelling point (centre left). 9/1/2001

 67004 entered platform 12, changed the crew and left South. 9/1/2001

 Another post-withdrawal performance by a 37/4 on the Coast Line as 37421 draws into platform 11 at Crewe. 8/1/2001

 Passengers crowd onto the train as it prepares to leave for Birmingham and (hopefully) return to Holyhead with 1D71. Thanks to all those involved for the advance information via Charlie Hulme's North Wales Coast site. 8/1/2001

 The Virgin service from Crewe to Holyhead! 04/01/2001

 And so we bid farewell to two coastline friends, 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" and 37426 have, as expected, been transferred North to Scotland after their stint on the North wales runs. This was my last sighting of 426 in proud guise as it entered Crewe's platform 12 on 21st December 2000 with 1G96, the 8.47 Holyhead-Birmingham.

For 401 it was more ignominious as it disappeared into the gloom on 29\12\2000 running LE en route for Trafford Park and freight duties.

 My last sighting of "Queen Mary" in service was on the final scheduled Sunday working with the 10.00 from Holyhead to Crewe on 24th December 2000. The train sneaked in on platform 6 which denied me a decent shot.

The Growl Goes On.....

 37421 was back on the Coast today when it operated 1D57, 1G96 (above) and 1D71, does this mean another headboard special at the end of March? In the background is 175110 with the 11.15 for Holyhead. 3/1/2001

 175010 screeched into platform 6 from Manchester Airport to form the 10.55 for Chester. 3/1/2001

 37421 re appeared at platform 11 with 1D71, the 12.07 from Birmingham. Waiting at the side to run ecs onto the Chester line was 150207+150136. 3/1/2001

 37421 leaving for Chester and Holyhead. 3/1/2001

 A former coastliner number 37710 was shunting corpses 47536, 47576 and 47328 around the Diesel Depot yard. 3/1/2001

 It later towed the scrappers through platform 11 and headed up the West Coast Mail Line, presumably for Wigan. Judging by the smoke emitted by 37710 it could be asked to stay at Wigan! (Actually it made it back to Crewe and was on the Diesel Depot the next day) 3/1/2001



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