North Wales Coast
July 2001 Part 1

 37051 "Merehead" ran South through the station then reversed into bay platform 8 before running onto a parking spot outside the diesel depot. In platform 12 there were 6 loaded ballast hoppers which I assumed had been deposited by 37051 before doing a runround. I didn't find out if this was the case but 051 certainly did not return to them. 11/7/2001

 37372 in "Mainline" livery had been refuelling at the depot pumps before running out to reverse onto the hoppers at platform 12. The locomotive was in good external condition and looked good in the blue livery. 11/7/2001

 Class 37 with "Sealion". The train comprised 3 Sealion, 2 Stingray and 1 Seacow vehicles. 11/7/2001

 While the 37 was waiting to leave, the 9.19 Holyhead - London arrived in platform 11 behind 47746 "The Bobby". The 47 left the train which was pushed down to the Capital by 87033 "Thane of Fife". 11/7/2001

 Yet another track animal arrived. 11/7/2001

 Asleep on the depot were "William" and "Harry" looking very tarted up - trip in the offing? 11/7/2001

 Track monsters moving away from the station led by DR98003 then DR98004, DR98009 with DR98010 trailing. Copper wire was the order of the day. 8/7/2001

 It's a long time since I saw a 37 runround at Crewe but today there were two instances to be seen although regrettably not with RR stock. The first was 37707 which arrived with a rake of mixed MHA, MTA and MFA wagons(?). 8/7/2001

 The train arrived from the South into the platform 12 loop where the loco detached and ran onto the Chester line. It then ran back through 11 to couple onto the train again....

 .......before heading South again and on to Basford sidings. 37707 later ran onto the diesel depot pumps. 8/7/2001

 The 13.45 Holyhead - London HST arrived in platform 6 with 43159 leading.....

 .....and 43086 bringing up the rear. 8/7/2001

 Wales & West Alphaline 158826 sat in platform 12 while a fitter filled up the coolant tank on the trailing vehicle. I was listening to the engine being turned over when I saw another 37 arriving in the form of 37886 "Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed" so had to go. I never did know if the engine started but the train did eventually leave for Cardiff. 8/7/2001

 37886 has recently acquired the nameplate from 37799, a former stand-in on the coastal runs. 37799 has now been painted in GIF blue for shipment to Spain as L030 8/7/2001

 I was just ready to leave when a sixth loco sense made me look along platform 12 to see D172 "Ixion" crawling in with "things" in tow! The "things" turned out to be 90037 "Spirit of Dagenham" and D6700! 8/7/2001

 The NRM prototype class 37 in (almost) as built condition number D6700. 8/7/2001

 The consist as seen from above. 8/7/2001

 It begins again.....but this time there are no 37/4 sets to cope. Passengers lining up to board 175004 running as the 10.53 for Birmingham. 7/7/2001

 The 11.15 for Holyhead comprised 175007 leading 175114 and is seen here leaving platform 12 while 86233 "Laurence Olivier" waits for work. 7/7/2001

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