North Wales Coast
June 2001

 47840 "North Star" waiting at Crewe's platform 11 to be unhooked from the 9.19 Holyhead - London train. 29/6/2001

 47345 awaiting its fate at Crewe 29/6/2001

 The rapidly clearing yard at Crewe Diesel Depot with 37685 and "William" (L) and "Harry" in attendance. 23/6/2001

 66093 brought a ballast train in and then unhooked, ran round between 5 & 6 before coupling up and running off South. 23/6/2001

 67028 arrived in platform 11 with the Hertfordshire Railtours "North Wales Coast Merrymaker". 23/6/2001

 While the charter was waiting to depart for Holyhead, 175011 + 175114 departed for the same destination as the 11.15 from Crewe. 23/6/2001

 5 minutes later the Cyclops followed. 23/6/2001

 47851 arrived with the 9.19 Holyhead - London and was removed to give way to AC traction. 23/6/2001

 More Hippo stuff in the shape of 175008 leaving for Birmingham. The lady on the platform had just bust a gut to get to platform 12 to see the train leave without her. 23/6/2001

 37886 now named "Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed" ran onto the Diesel Depot yard at Crewe. 16/6/2001

 A couple of Freightliner class 86/6's ran through the station and out onto the Chester line presumably for the IETD. 86602(L) leads 86620 "Philip G Walton". 16/6/2001

 47851 entered the station dragging 47814 "Totnes Castle" inside the train for Glasgow Central. 16/6/2001

 175109 was running 25 minutes down with 11.15 ex-Crewe Birmingham-Holyhead. 16/6/2001

 The 9.19 Holyhead - London Euston arrived on time behind 47822 "Pride of Shrewsbury", the train was pushed South by 90013 "The Law Society" 16/6/2001

 According to platform gossip at Crewe the two derelict "Shrewsbury" bays are scheduled to be brought back into use with the canopy removed. The bays have been electrified at some stage with part of the OLE still visible. The lush vegetation has now been sprayed. 16/6/2001

Blue Peter Farewell Special

 The Blue Peter Farewell Special arrived behind two Fragonset class 31's with 31602 "Chimaera" leading 31459 "Cerberus" (thanks to Dave Bagshaw for the information). While taking this shot I was desperately trying to avoid the three ladies on the platform who were hopelessly lost. I later determined that they were seeking the 13.28 for Preston and directed them to the information desk avoiding the stairs that were intimidating them. Crewe can be difficult for the elderly. 9/6/2001

 I crossed to platform 11 to see 60532 "Blue Peter" reversing onto the train with its support coach. 9/6/2001

 "Blue Peter" posed with its more modern counterpart 90008 "The Birmingham Royal Ballet". 9/6/2001

 There were many admirers on platform 12 to see the pacific's last run on the main line. 9/6/2001

 A blast on the LNER whistle (60532 has two) and all the passengers hurried to reboard the train, this leaves time for us locals to have an uninterrupted view of the locomotive. 9/6/2001

 A final blast on what appears to be an A4 chime whistle and the BR built, LNER designed, pacific eased its train forward emitting steam that eventually clouded the platform prohibiting any photography. 9/6/2001

 I had a perfect shot lined up as the locomotive passed me but the digital camera decided it had enough to cope with in the shots I had taken and by the time it had finished its scanning process the engine has moved away. 9/6/2001

 The Holyhead - London arrived at Crewe behind 43198 "HMS Penzance"(R) with 43038 bringing up the rear. 5/6/2001

 Got one! I went to try, yet again, to see the 6F17 Middlewich - Warrington Arpley Enterprise in the hope of catching a 37 and managed to photograph it. 37674 "St Blaise Church 1445-1995" took the back road off the Middlewich branch through Sandbach station to gain the Manchester - Crewe line. Next time it has to be on the branch itself! 05/06/2001

 The 37 had the green and headed off towards Crewe and reversal before travelling North up the West Coast Main Line for Warrington. 05/06/2001

 Before leaving I took a shot of 323209 leaving Sandbach for Crewe. 05/06/2001

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