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 Class 50 number 431 leaving Crewe with the Pathfinder Cardiff-Blackpool charter 3/11/2001

 Clag alert as 431 winds up to leave. Upon arrival there were sparks coming out of the exhaust. 3/11/2001

 If it were not for the OLE it could be the pre-electrification 60's as the EE's made their mark on the West Coast Main Line, ousting the class 40's in the process. As timings were reduced, double heading was the order of the day. After electrification was completed the class 50 machines were transferred to the Western Region. 3/11/2001

 More vintage traction in the form of 47843 "Atlas" as it arrived with the 9.19 Holyhead-London Euston. Today, because of the charter traffic, this train was ousted from its usual platform 11 spot in favour of the shabby environs of platform 12. 3/11/2001

 AC power takes over at Crewe and today it was the turn of 87004 "Britannia" that had been waiting on the Mill Street siding. It ran into the station in parallel with 175105 which was completing its journey from the North Wales Coast. 3/11/2001

 Shortly afterwards the 50 left for Blackpool to be quickly followed into platform 11 by 67015 on another charter(?). The "Cyclops" waited a few minutes to change crewe and left to run North on the WCML.

 Was this the first coastal Voyager in service? It was seen sneaking out of platform 6 around 10.45, just the time the London-Holyhead should have been leaving. Was it in service or just visiting the works? 3/11/2001

 Crewe Diesel Depot yard 2/11/2001. Left to Right are: 325009, 431 (Cl 50), 47145 "Merddin Emrys", 37889, 67029, 37216, 47XXX and "Prince William"

 Three rapid sequence shots of 47722 "The Queen Mother" approaching Crewe (register the trees at the top). 2/11/2001

 One of those cartoon units, 153305 with "Heart of Wessex" branding. 2/11/2001

 47785 "Fiona Castle" dragged 92011 through platform 6 at Crewe and headed off towards the IEMD


 47847 brought in the 9.19 Holyhead-London which was then pushed South by 90003 "The Herald". 1/11/2001

 60073 appeared off the Manchester line with two oil tanks which it deposited and headed North on the West Coast Main Line. 1/11/2001

 On the Manchester Airport - Chester shuttle was class leader 142001. 1/11/2001

 A surprise in store was "Pendolino" 390 001 being hauled North behind 66166. 1/11/2001


 There were EWS match trucks at both ends. 1/11/2001

 Literally seconds later two "Voyager" sets came thundering through the centre road heading South. 1/11/2001

 220 006 was leading with 220 002 trailing. Given the distance from the platform edge it was possible to see the numbers even at speed. However, lineside is a different matter. 1/11/2001

 While "Fiona Castle" (top) was stood at the North end of platform 6, an HST entered the platform at the South end - most unusual. Just after 47 left for the IEMD, the HST crossed onto the down fast and headed North. 43099 was leading and 43079 trailing. 1/11/2001

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