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 The first Voyager unit to traverse the North Wales Coast line, newly named "Draig Gymreig /Welsh Dragon", 220008 is seen here leaving Colwyn Bay station. 23/11/2001

 Approaching the crow's nest........

 .......and away. 23/11/2001

 Approaching Penmaenhead tunnel. 23/11/2001

 Specials day again and 37418 on the first of the two rugby specials to Cardiff. Click on the picture for more... 17/11/2001

 Two strangers in the camp, Anglia Railways liveried class 86 number 86246 "Royal Anglian Regiment" appeared towing 59202. The class 59 was then taken into the depot by 47772. 17/11/2001

 The 86 later left heading South down the West Coast Main Line, note the white walled tyres ! 17/11/2001

 Two sad reminders of the past are ever present at Crewe, 37420 "The Scottish Hosteller" (top) and 37407 "Blackpool Tower". Both these past performers on the North Wales Coast runs reside on the Crewe scrap lines and would seem to have a bleak future. 17/11/2001

 90040 "The Railway Mission" arrived from the North off the West Coast Main Line and ran into the platform 12 loop behind 47789 "Lindisfarne". The 47 detached and ran round via platform 12 to hook up to the other end. They both then left and ran up to the signal at the North end of the station. The Class 90 has inherited the name from 47725 and was repainted to mark the 120th anniversary of the Railway Mission. 13/11/2001

 The class 47 is seen here reversing onto 90040. 13/11/2001

 47741 "Resilient" brought in the 9.19 Holyhead-London to be replaced by 90011 "West Coast Rail 250" for the journey South. 13/11/2001

 37411 "The Scottish Railway Preservation Society" leaves Crewe with the 07.57 Rugex special for Cardiff as the morning sun rises. 10/11/01

 The day began with a striking sunrise, very cold and a class 37/4 reversing across the main line with its stock to park up in platform 11. 37411 "The Scottish Railway Preservation Society" was the first of two class 37/4 locomotives to visit Crewe today. They were both heading for Cardiff on rugby specials. 10/11/2001

 The pale yellow sun was providing a brilliant display off the red and gold of the EWS livery and, as 37411 left, there was sharp contrast as the light caught just the top of the locomotive. 10/11/2001

 Almost 90 minutes later the second 37 arrived in the form of 37419. It paused briefly before setting off for Cardiff. 10/11/2001

 Later in the day I was atop Penmaenhead to watch the 13.35 Holyhead-London leave Colwyn Bay on its Westward part of the journey. Here it can be seen accelerating away behind an EWS liveried class 47 - that doesn't leave many options.....

 ...47785 "Fiona Castle" was at the helm and can be seen here crossing the A55 expressway. What a day. 10/11/2001

 175116 formed the 11.15 from Crewe to Holyhead. this train starts from Birmingham. 8/11/2001

 Running 30 minutes down, the 8.35 London-Holyhead which was formed with HST power cars 43166 leading 43079. The train eventually left 45 minutes down. 8/11/2001

 47806 plods through the undergrowth and past the LNWR depot with the 9.19 Holyhead-London on its approach to the station. 8/11/2001

 Approaching platform 11. 8/11/2001

 Waiting in the wings to push the formation South was 87016 "Willesden Intercity Depot". 8/11/2001

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