North Wales Coast
September 2001 Part 2

 MANCHESTER INTERLUDE - I had to visit offices near to Oxford Road station, Manchester, and, in travelling by rail, decided to briefly stop off at Piccadilly to see what was about.

 First was a rather elderly looking 101680, one of the remaining few. 101676 was departing as I was arriving and it was sad to see the withdrawn members dumped at Longsight depot. 20/9/2001

 There is generally an array of units in various guises, this is 142051. 20/9/2001

 The big stuff arrived by way of 90007 "Lord Stamp" with a Virgin train from London. When the station was known as London Road this service may have been hauled by a "Britannia" pacific or perhaps a "Royal Scot" and the empty train, including loco, would have been dragged by a "Jinty" to Longsight depot for servicing. Happy days. 20/9/2001

 While waiting for my return Class 323, Class 47 number 47770 "Reserved" passed through Oxford Road station running light. 20/9/2001

 There are reports that 37402 "Bont-y-Bermo" (Barmouth Bridge) is to be reinstated. I last saw it a year ago in September 2000 when the Crewe diesel depot was opened to the public. Other photos are on our Archive section.

 An hour at Crewe that turned out to be quite active. 56095 was looking smart as it delivered a tanker of fuel to the diesel depot. 18/9/2001

 60082 "Mam Tor" towed 60089 "Arcuil" and 66029 South out of the depot and onto the running lines. The entourage then returned behind the "shed" through platform 12 and headed North with 60082 still running. Apparently 60082 carries only one nameplate. 18/9/2001

 47847 arrived in platform 11 with the 9.19 Holyhead-London and was detached to run round and park up in bay platform 10. 18/9/2001

 The train was then propelled South by 90146 in "Railfreight" livery. 18/9/2001

 150215 was on the Crewe-Chester shuttle. 18/9/2001

 175115 arrived to form the 12.22 for Holyhead. 18/9/2001

 It is currently quite common to see two AC electrics at the rear of a train, presumably for positioning purposes. This one caught my eye because it is the inside loco, 87021 "Robert the Bruce" that is pushing with 87010 "King Arthur" dead at the rear. 18/9/2001

 47812 arrived on the 11.45 for Liverpool ex Poole - but for how much longer will this train be 47 hauled? 18/9/2001

 Having seen 37707 on the diesel depot yard at the pumps I was pleased to later record it running light through the station to leave on the Manchester line. Also on the depot were 37203 in a very funny looking "Mainline" livery and 37672 which is, I believe, listed as WNXX having run in France before being stored in November 2000. Thanks to The Class 37 Locomotive Group for that information 18/9/2001

 67027 was in charge of the Hertfordshire Railtours charter from Finsbury Park to Holyhead. The train comprised 13 bogies and left Crewe 3 minutes down. 15/9/2001

 The train only paused for a couple of minutes before departing for North Wales - will it return without incident this time?

 After weeks of the new car park ticket machines sitting under wraps, notices have been erected advising of another increase in charges - this time a mere 25% rise to £5 per day "or any part thereof". Loose your ticket and you pay £25 - customers, who needs 'em?

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