North Wales Coast
September 2001 Part 3

 Colwyn Bay in bright sunshine and a blue Irish Sea make a wonderful backdrop for the class 47 hauled, 13.35 Holyhead-London. The two shots were taken from Penmaenhead in as near perfect conditions as you can get. The locomotive was 47790 "Dewi Sant/Saint David". 29/9/2001

 A brief visit to Crewe revealed 66053 arriving from the Basford "virtual quarry" with a ballast train before running round to take its load South. 28/9/2001

 A 60 minute stint in Crewe's Spring sunshine first revealed 66510 parked in bay platform 8. The sun was warm but produced impossible contrasts. 26/9/2001

 In the Autumn mist on the Diesel Depot yard was 37520. 26/9/2001

 1A46, the 9.19 Holyhead-London arrived behind 47854 "Women's Royal Voluntary Service". 26/9/2001

 The class 47 was detached and replaced at the rear by 90002 "Mission Impossible". 47854 then ran round and parked in bay platform 10. 26/9/2001

 The Sandbach salt traffic appears to be a thing of the past now but the acid tanks continue. 37684 "Peak National Park" ran through the centre road and left towards Basford Sidings. 26/9/2001

 The 3(!) tanks were left behind and the locomotive returned North up the West Coast Main Line. The machine stormed through the centre road en route. 26/9/2001

 I regularly watched the Chester-Manchester Airport trains manoeuvre round the faulty platform 6 trackwork but, today, there was something different. The 12.00 from Chester in the guise of 142042 was diverted into platform 11 which left to run North onto the WCML.. 26/9/2001

 The Pacer, in "Merseyrail" livery, returned into platform 5 where it again reversed to leave and gain the Manchester line. 26/9/2001

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