MARCH 2003

 March 2

 Crewe Diesel depot and 37707 poses in the gloom and hides the recently moved scrappers from a decent shot. 7/3/2003

 DRS locomotives are a fairly common sight at Crewe and today we saw 37609 and 20309 run from Bay Platform 8 onto the LNWR depot. 7/3/2003

 The uniquely regeared class 86 number 86501. 7/3/2003

 Shortly afterwards, 20315 and 20313 came off the Chester line and ran through to the LNWR workshops. 7/3/2003

 Friday is Sandbach Acid day and, if lucky, it will be a 37 in charge. Today it was 37667 "Meldon Quarry Centenary". 7/3/2003

 Eventually, 37707 was parked and the scrappers were revealed. InterCity liveried 47547 is on the left, then 47596 and finally 47574. 7/3/2003

 Finally, 37416 "Concrete Bob/Sir Robert McAlpine" revealed itself as it was started up and brought forward to be parked in front of 37707. With 37419 at the back of the shed, it was quite a day for Class 37's. 7/3/2003

 Crewe Diesel Depot and 37114 "City of Worcester" is ticking over. Connected behind, also ticking over, is an unidentified bubble car marked "Railtrack Clearing The Way". Who are Railtrack? In the distance, on the right, is 37419 visiting the depot for repairs. 5/3/2002

 The depot scrap lines are slowly but surely being cleared but these two are not scrap. Large Logo liveried class 47 number 47847 "Railway World Magazine/Brian Morrison" is alongside 37667 "Meldon Quarry Centenary". The latter was running. 5/3/2003

 Fresh from the morning Bangor-Manchester run was 47739 "Resourceful" seen here crossing from the carriage sidings into bay platform 8. It was prevented from entering the depot fuelling point by a class 352 mail unit waiting to access the main line. The 47 later ran out to return onto the depot. 5/3/2003

Freightliner locomotives were in plentiful evidence this morning and this string of four waited to access Basford yard having travelled round from the IEMD. The lineup comprised 86430, 86639, 86635 and 66524. 5/3/2003

A somewhat colourless class 170 in the form of 170398 in Bombardier livery en route Liverpool. 5/3/2003

 The Penmaenmawr-Basford ballast train normally runs round the rear of the station and is only briefly visible from the North end. Today it ran down platform 12 avoiding loop with 66516 at the head. 5/3/2003

 The sad face of 86419 as it waits to be destroyed at Crewe's IEMD. The method of destruction resembles being bashed to death by the hydraulic arm rather than being cut up. 5/3/2003


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