WEST COAST DIVERSIONS 16-17th October 2003
 October 1

 October 2

 66207 at the head of a ballast train. 30/10/2003

 The leading wagon was fitted with some kind of device on the buffer beam. Control panel, compressor? Answers on a postcard please... 30/10/2003

 At the other end, complete with a "Shark", was 66036. I wonder what the age difference is here? 30/10/2003

 47746 "The Bobby" stopped in the station on the centre road with a test train. As it pulled away a track animal, stopped in platform 12, decided to move off at the same time thus blocking the shot. On the rear end was 47792 "Robin Hood". As with the 66, this train headed off along the Stoke line. 30/10/2003

 Minutes later 47786 "Roy Castle OBE" ran North with what appeared to be steel carriers. 30/10/2003

 175106 debranded! 30/10/2003

 47739 "Resourceful" had been left, dead, with both doors open, near platform 12. 30/10/2003

 Shooting straight into a low Autumn sun is never a good idea but what can you do when the Holyhead is ready to leave and you are on the wrong platform. 47786 "Roy Castle OBE" departs from platform 11 with the 10.31 Wales & Borders service. 21/10/2003

 Crewe Diesel Depot in the sun as 37893(L), 47635 "The Lass O'Ballochmyle" and 47739 "Resourceful" await the call to traffic. 21/10/2003

 The "Lass" had just arrived from work on the morning Bangor-Manchester service and had deposited its stock at the LNWR carriage sidings. 21/10/2003

 I have to admit that I was never a fan of the class 90 locomotives, in this case 90004 "City of Glasgow", they lack character! 21/10/2003

 87022 "Lew Adams The Black Prince" pushes South. 21/10/2003

 57310 "Kyrano" sat in bay platform 8 on thunderbird duties and later ran onto the depot to refuel. 21/10/2003

 60026 was on the Sandbach acid train seen here en route for Warrington. 21/10/2003

 67019 was shunting some mail vans around the depot yard before reversing out onto the main line and setting off North, presumably to Warrington. 21/10/2003

47303 "freightliner Cleveland" in bay platform 7. 21/10/2003

 66604 was on one of two J****s trains of concrete sleepers which left South, presumably for work on the West Coast Main Line North of Stafford. 21/10/2003

 There was I, diggin' this hole........... What is happening here? 21/10/2003


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