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 Good to see that the diesel depot is still being used as a stabling point. Today there were two class 67's and a class 37 (more later!), one resident being "Royal" 67005 "Queen's Messenger" - if nothing else, it looks mean... 17/8/2004

 At the other end of the station was 47828 "Severn Valley Railway etc.." waiting to take over the 08.35 London-Holyhead...

 Behind was 87033 "Thane of Fife" - the future of this class is still uncertain. 17/8/2004

 Time for a trip to Chester and the 10.30 service is provided by 175107. Despite their shortcomings I still consider these to be good units to travel in - but oh dear, underfloor engines! 17/8/2004

 Chester is still good for 142's in various liveries - there were three different designs today. 17/8/2004

 Now for the purpose of the visit to Chester, a flurry of 47's. The first was the 10.00 Manchester Piccadilly-Holyhead, recently swapped to loco haulage because of unit shortcomings. Retro liveried 47853 "Rail Express" from the Riviera fleet brought the train past the RBS building and in to Chester. 17/8/2004

 Within a couple of minutes the 09.20 Holyhead-London arrived with 47840 "North Star" at the head. 17/8/2004

The train was smartly loaded and sent on its way. 17/8/2004

 To be very quickly followed by the arrival of 47828 at the head of the 08.35 London-Holyhead. 17/8/2004

 Once again there was a quick turnaround and the third 47 in about 10 minutes left for North Wales and the ferry port. Note that both London formations were in reverse order. It is worth noting that all three trains were on time. 17/8/2004

 A quick shot of one of the Merseyrail Class 508, third rail, electic units and it was back on the rails for Crewe. I caught the 10.30 from Crewe, shot three 47 hauled trains and returned to Crewe on the 11.20 to arrive at Crewe at 11.45 - 75 minutes in all - beat that if you can! 17/8/2004

 Back at Crewe the 87 appearances continue but the Pendolino revolution is rapidly forming, they were in abundance today. Here 87021 "Robert the Bruce" stands in platform 5 with a London bound service while a Pendo 390006 "Virgin Sun" waits in 6 to depart with a northbound service. 17/8/2004

 Meanwhile in platform 12, 47840 had arrived from Chester and been detached to run round and sit alongside the WCML before entering the waiting point at the North end of the station. The AC locomotive , which would normally attach to the rear of the train to propel it South was, today, at the front end because the set was in reverse formation. 87015 "Howard of Effingham" was providing the motive power. 17/8/2004

 Now back to the comment about the 37 in the diesel depot yard. It was 37710 back from the dead. 710 is an old Crewe favourite and was put into store some time ago but has now been released back into traffic. It came off the depot at midday and headed up North towards Warrington at a pace! 17/8/2004

 The 37 ran South off the depot to reverse and enter the station where it was held. While it was waiting for green a Pendolino entered platform 5 so an interesting shot ensued. There must be something like a 40 year age gap here. Great to see it back in service. 17/8/2004


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