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 Crewe Station, it's 10.25 on the clock, and the shunter walks away after having coupled up the Scottish Las to ex-Virgin stock to form the 10.30 Crewe-Holyhead. The locomotive is 47635 "The Lass O' Ballochmyle" and the stock is comprised thus: 9522, 5983, 5991 and 5989. The brilliant sunshine was bleaching out all the colours so, for today, we have gone black and white. 27/1/2004

 43068 waits to leave platform 12 with the 08.35 London-Holyhead - 43097 brings up the rear. 27/1/2004

 The North Wales-Manchester stock returning as an ecs working with 47798 "Prince William" in charge. 27/1/2004

 The reverse Welsh HST service comprised 43092 leading 43084 (above). 27/1/2004

 Sandbach Station and work continues with the upgrade. The shot is taken looking North towards Manchester and veering off to the left of the track animal is the Middlewich branch. 27/1/2004

 47798 "Prince William" leaving Crewe in a downpour with the 10.30 Crewe-Holyhead. 20/1/2004

 The downpour got worse as the 09.26 Holyhead-London arrived with 43092 leading 43067. 20/1/2004

 The stock from the 06.38 Bangor-Manchester returns to Crewe for stabling and currently arrives via Chester. Today 47790 was in charge and paused before heading for the LNWR carriage sheds. 20/1/2004

 Crewe Diesel depot yard is becoming a dumping ground for redundant mail vans. This is one set with 47793 "Christopher Wren" parked at the head. 20/1/2004

 47826 "Springburn" was parked at the North end of the station. 20/1/2004

 87006 "George Reynolds" heading north. The 87's are now taking the stance that the Stanier pacifics took in the 60's, gradual decline and gradual withdrawal. The pacifics at least went with the knowledge that they were to be replaced by locomotives but the 87's are being replaced by DMU's and EMU's! There was a story that the Stanier pacifics underwent a strange metamorphosis after scrapping when the copper from their fireboxes was melted down to produce the overhead wires on the West Coast route! Now that, if true, is spooky! 20/1/2004

 87031 "Hal O' the Wynd" waits to head North while 175006 is Chester bound. 20/1/2004

 87031 "Hal O' the Wynd" sets off. 20/1/2004

 87030 "Black Douglas" waits to leave with a London bound service. Is it my imagination or have these West Coast sets increased in length? Locomotives are now stopping where locomotives never stopped before! 20/1/2004

 158818 standing in bay platform 8 looking very photogenic in its ARRIVA livery. 16/1/2004

 153313, in FNW colours but with ARRIVA branding, leaves for Chester as the storm clouds gather over Crewe! 16/1/2004

 At the South end of the station, 20309 and 20304 wait in platform 6 before leaving for the LNWR workshops. 16/1/2004

 57311 "Parker" was on, well, thunderbird duties, what else? 16/1/2004

 37698 leaving Crewe Diesel Depot in a rain storm. 16/1/2004

 390035, in 9 vehicle formation, returns for a decent shot. 16/1/2004

 87001 "Stephenson" heads for Liverpool. 16/1/2004

 87029 "Earl Marischal" thundering through Crewe non stop - note the water cascading off the pantograph. 16/1/2004

 87007 "City of Manchester"(L) en route South while 87014 "Knight of the Thistle" waits to leave for Liverpool. 16/1/2004

 Having been held South of Crewe, 37698 was released to charge, full bore, up the West Coast Main Line. 16/1/2004


January 1

January 2