December 2006 - PAGE ONE

Apologies for the lack of updates - due to house renovation (never again).
Many thanks to everyone who enquired about the site.

A visit to Crewe for the first time in weeks and the first thing to catch my attention were the new information screens - very good if they keep working. 19/12/2006

It was the first fog of the Winter and very gloomy it was too. This was 57302 bay platform 8 awaiting the arrival of the morning Pendolino for Holyhead. 19/12/2006

57302 "VIRGIL TRACY" waiting while 92015 passes through platform 11. 19/12/2006

92015 "D.H.Lawrence" ran off into the gloom before returning to pass through the station's centre road and head North. 19/12/2006

A shot of 57302 from a different angle to recreate a 50's feel - the days of "pea-soupers". 19/12/2006

57302 ran off to find its Pendolino to be replaced by Freightliner's 66559. 19/12/2006

Switched off in platform 2 was 57311 "PARKER", even Photoshop couldn't improve this shot very much. 19/12/2006

175102 left for South Wales, this unit is now sporting the "ARRIVA Trains Wales" emblems. 19/12/2006

Time for the Holyhead "Pendo" to leave and the fog was worse than ever. Bear in mind that this was taken at 10.50 in the morning. 19/12/2006

It was lighter in the North West as 390052 "Virgin Knight" was dragged off towards Chester and North Wales. 19/12/2006

I could hear a 66 standing on the Manchester line but couldn't see anything. Eventually, 66581 "Sophie" came into view and ran South. 19/12/2006

153362 "Dylan Thomas 1914-1953" was in bay platform 9 on Chester shuttle duty. 7/9/2006

Later, 175010 arrived to form a Holyhead train - it too was bearing the ARRIVA vinyls. 19/12/2006

Back after the reopening of the Manchester line, a class 323, 323223, entered platform 1. 19/12/2006

This one caught me out. A long triple horn blast announced the arrival, and rapid departure, of three class 325 mail units. They were moving some and I assume they formed a pre-Christmas extra. These units were once a common sight at Crewe before Royal Mail decided to carry mail by road. 19/12/2006

Track animal DR73929 passed through and entered the Manchester line. 19/12/2006

It has been reported that platform 12 is having its roof removed. Certainly the platform and through lines are closed off but there was no obvious evidence of roof removal just yet. This was the scene from the foot bridge with scaffolding erected over the tracks in the distance. 19/12/2006

This was a sneak view from the other foot bridge with some ominous looking augers on the platform. 19/12/2006