December 2006 - PAGE TWO

December 21st and the shortest day has arrived at last. A brief visit to Crewe to find trouble on the Crewe-Chester shuttle. 153327 was waiting to leave as the 14.33 but there were too many people trying to board. The train eventually departed leaving as many passengers on the platform as had been allowed on the train. The PA announcer was advising that the next train to Chester and Holyhead would depart at 15.03. This arrived as a 175/0 and left similarly filled to capacity. Nothing changes. 21/12/2006

The closure of platform 12 and the through loop appears to have had a knock-on effect. A 323 unit entered platform 1 and was announced as "not for public use". It subsequently reversed and parked up on what I assume is a siding(?). This allowed a South-bound Pendolino to use platform 1 - platforms 5 and 6 were occupied. Shortly after the Pendolino left for London the 323 re-entered platform 1 to form a train for Manchester. This could become interesting when Crewe is really busy. 21/12/2006

Shortly afterwards there was another announcement to the effect that the next train in platform 6 was not for public use. Well it would be difficult for anyone to board this particular train which did briefly stop in the platform to change driver. 21/12/2006

It was a North-bound freight hauled by one of the smart looking DRS class 66's, in this case 66406. It's strange to see these trains passing through the main platforms, I assume once again that it's due to the closure of platform 12. 21/12/2006

Yet another freight to pass through, this time it was 92005 "Mozart" coming off the Manchester line. The tunnels were in full use so why use the station? 21/12/2006

"Mozart", complete with crude EWS branding, passes through in the declining Winter Sun. 21/12/2006