66506 "Crewe Regeneration" waited for permission to proceed into the avoiding line tunnels. 4/2/2006

Then, as if by magic - there appeared to be some regeneration at Crewe. The new footway, installed to bridge the old bays and provide access to platform 12 from the car park, had gone. This bridge was only finished in August of last year so I assume that something significant is afoot. Guesses include the re-opening of the bays and something connected with the introduction of ticket barriers at Crewe. Ideas anyone? 4/2/2006

The northern end of platform 12 is fenced off - for the time being? 4/2/2006

Meanwhile, in the accessible section of platform 12 was 221139 "Leif Eriksson" waiting to leave for Holyhead. 4/2/2006

"Super" Voyagers 221143 "Auguste Picard" leading 221142 "Matthew Flinders" en route for Plymouth. Both these units are running in 4 vehicle formation. 4/2/2006

66577 ran light through the station, heading North. 4/2/2006

86613 trundled through the station heading South. 4/2/2006

Another shot of this dying breed with 47829 in "Police" livery, continuing to languish outside the defunct diesel depot. 4/2/2006

170399 in "Derwent Valley Mills" livery and led by 153333, arrived in bay platform 4. 4/2/2006

The production line at LNWR Heritage Ltd., Crewe, as Stanier 8F number 48305 and 80136 undergo repairs. 28/01/06