At last a 37 but before I could get alongside, 37605 trailed behind two unidentified class 20's and headed for the LNWR sheds. 24/02/2006

On the yard were 47847 "Brian Morrison" and D1748 "Great Western", both were dead. 24/02/2006

In bay platform 8 was 92016 connected up to the wires with blowers humming. When I visited the station the next day the engine was in the same place with blowers running. Whether it had been out in the meantime I know not. 24/02/2006

66501 passed through heading North. 24/02/2006

67020 headed South with the Northern Belle. 24/02/2006

57010 dragged 66536 into the station. 24/02/2006

66536 was dead and the 57 pushed it across to the LNWR depot. 24/02/2006

66071 waited to gain entry to the tunnels with a train of coal empties. 24/02/2006

Pedolino swap time and 57305 "John Tracy" ran out of the station to gain entry to platform 11 where the Holyhead bound electric had arrived. 21/02/2006

390019 "Virgin Warrior" was prepared for the big hook-up. 21/02/2006

There is always a number of onlookers to watch this fascinating process which today, was completed in no time. 21/02/2006

In the former depot yard the demolition of locomotives is taking place. Demolition rather than cutting up because they are literally beaten to death with a crane. Behind the yellow container are the remains of 47774 "Poste Restante" which was down to its frame and bulkheads with one detached cab nearby. To its right is an unidentified ex-RES machine with 47515 on the right. A sad sight. 21/02/2006

960011 "Pandora" waiting to leave. 21/02/2006

I just happened to arrive at Crewe LNWR at the right moment. 6201, "Princess Elizabeth" had arrived for a short stay and was waiting for the points to be unlocked before entering the compound. 20/02/2006

No comment needed. 20/02/2006