ARRIVA's 57 hauled, Manchester-Holyhead service is reputed to be drawing to a close so time to take a ride. Colwyn Bay station and the train can be seen in the distance leaving Penmaenhead tunnel at Old Colwyn. No telephoto lens so not too bad. 19/01/2006

Arrival of 57310 "Kyrano" at Colwyn and I was not alone. 19/01/2006

Holyhead and the loco plus six coaches arrive - only four are in service.
Extra braking capacity apparently?

Onto the familiar headshunt while the shunter appears to give the coupling an apprehensive glance - who could blame him!. 19/01/2006

Smooth as clockwork and well inside the time frame. 19/01/2006

As 57310 was returning from its runround performance, another class 57 arrived with Virgin's Euston - Holyhead, Pendolino service. Where else in the UK can you see two loco hauled services together? 19/01/2006

A bridge plate at Holyhead - and it's true so be careful. 19/01/2006

See what I mean? 19/01/2006

These engines do look the part - not sure about the clutter at the front, it looks very much an afterthought. 19/01/2006

A view from the bridge. 19/01/2006

The Pendolino looks strangely out of place at Holyhead, probably because there are no wires. The engine took its time going onto the headshunt - it's a long walk for the shunter who has just coupled up 310. At this point the Manchester train would be leaving in just under 15 minutes and I had to go all the way round by the ferry terminal - anxious moments! 19/01/2006

At last 57303 "Alan Tracy" commenced its runround only to pause half way along the Pendolino number 390049 "Virgin Express". It eventually moved on but there were only 8 minutes to go...... 19/01/2006

Much puffing and wheezing gave me just enough time to take a "ready for off" shot by which time my Wife, already on the train, was about to panic - I had the tickets. 19/01/2006

On the way out past Valley were two DRS class 20's on the triangle - no numbers to date! 19/01/2006

A quick romp across Anglesey and on to the Britannia bridge. 19/01/2006

Leaving Bangor. 19/01/2006

Leaning into the curve at Conwy with the old goods yard crane on the left. 19/01/2006

On to the bridge over the Conwy River. 19/01/2006

And a farewell to Thunderbird 310 at Colwyn Bay. The journey from Colwyn to Holyhead and back cost just over £9.00 - try doing that in a car! Marvellous value. 19/01/2006