June 2006 - PAGE ONE

7821 "Ditcheat Manor" emerges from the undergrowth as it enters Consall station on the Churnet Valley Railway. This weekend marked the 2006 steam gala on the CVR.
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A Southern Pacific in Staffordshire! Follow this link to see more. 23/6/2003

Word on the net advised that 1Z18 was due through Alsager en route for Manchester and then to Derby. Not having a clue what 1Z18 was, and it being a nice day, I went to Alsager station to see what would appear. Running about 15 down the train rounded the corner and immediately it became clear that there was a 37 in charge - wow! There is quite a long straight stretch through the station and the growl was prominent as the train thundered towards me. So what a sight (and sound) it was, 08/06/2006

 Bright sunshine and a fast setting caught DRS's 37611 beautifully as it hit the road crossing - worth a larger pic. 08/06/2006

 I shoot in raw format which limits the camera to 4 successive shots and, not realising that there was another 37 on the rear, I only managed to get this parting shot when the train was a good distance away which meant I didn't get the number. So this is 376XX (37605?) going some on its way towards Kidsgrove. 08/06/2006.