Somerset & Dorset weekend on The West Somerset Railway and 80138 waits outside the Minehead depot to go on duty with a train to Bishops Lydeard. The weather was awful but railway and its trains were absolutely magnificent. Click HERE for more.26/03/2006

 Work on the North end of platform 12 continues and it is fairly clear that a canopy will be erected here - but for what reason? 22/03/2006

 Pendolino 390008 "Virgin King" arrived to wait to be dragged to Holyhead. 22/03/2006

 57316 "FAB 1" had been waiting and reversed into the platform. 22/03/2006

 I wonder what happened? 22/03/2006

 Coupled up, handshaken and ready to go. 22/03/2006

 The train left on time. 22/03/2006

 66604 waited with a very long train of various types of hopper before setting off on the Chester line. "Coals to Newcastle?" 22/03/2006

 390001 "Virgin Pioneer" - the prototype? 22/03/2006

 66506 "Crewe Regeneration" came in to bay platform 7 then reversed and headed South. Note the 65A shed plate......

 .and the scottie dog logo. 22/03/2006

 66510 ran South through the station. 22/03/2006

 350121 unusually entered bay platform 8. Maybe this is a new working. 22/03/2006

 390011 "City of Lichfield" batted through the middle road Glasgow bound. 22/03/2006

A visit to Crewe to see Mr.Riley's engines en route for The West Somerset Railway but it was not to be. Word had it that they were stopped at Warrington for reasons unknown. There wasn't much else happening at Crewe other than a glut of class 92 electrics. This one is 92042. 12/03/2006

92019 running through. 13/03/2006

92014 was on a (very) long freight train heading North. 13/03/2006

92007 appeared off the Chester line and crept round into platform 6 where it accelerated sharply catching me out with the resultant blurred front end. These locos sure can move. 13/03/2006

57308 "Tin Tin" hiding in the bushes as it prepares to enter Crewe station to collect its Pendolino for the run to Holyhead. 09/03/2006

15 minutes later and "Tin Tin" accelerates away from the station. 09/03/2006

In tow is Pendolino 390025 "Virgin Stagecoach". 09/03/2006

92016 running light round to the IEMD at Crewe. 09/03/2006