September 2006 - PAGE ONE

A quick trip to Crewe to see a certain steam locomotive but a few 57/3's in the meantime. This is 57307 "Lady Penelope" with its pink nameplate. 307 was waiting to leave. 2/9/2006

Parked up was 57301 "Scott Tracy". 2/9/2006

While behind 301 was 57309 "Brains". Note the apparently random positioning of the cab numbers. 2/9/2006

I was just about to go and seek some information on the predicted "Jubilee" when a clanking noise prompted me to turn round. What can you say? 2/9/2006

5690 "Leander" is a truly magnificent looking locomotive. 2/9/2006

The train entered platform 11 where the Jubilee was uncoupled to run South. 2/9/2006

Several minutes later it returned having turned on the triangle. 2/9/2006

Perfectly proportioned - but I wish it was in BR green as I remember it. 2/9/2006

The engine headed of towards the North end of the station and the LNWR depot. 2/9/2006

A class 47 in the form of 47245 had been parked up in bay platform 8. It left South to reverse and couple onto the "Westmorlander". 2/9/2006

It returned in double quick time. 2/9/2006

The train waited for a Pendolino to enter platform 12 before heading off into the quickly reducing light. 2/9/2006

The 47 is part of the West Coast Railways' fleet and looked quite good in its maroon(ish) livery. 2/9/2006

It goes will with the GWR(ish) coach livery. 2/9/2006

It was then that I realised that the Pendolino was Holyhead bound and that was why the 57 had been waiting at the top end of platform 12. A quickened pace was halted while I shot the rear end of the Pendo, 390030 "City of Edinburgh" with its coupling cowl missing. 2/9/2006.

The Holyhead train was already late and was further delayed while 5690 stumbled around the Chester line apparently looking for the entrance to the LNWR depot. 2/9/2006

Eventually it was time to go and 307 made a storming start as it headed for the crossover. 2/9/2006