September 2006 - PAGE TWO

Seen one at last - DRS Class 37 number 37609 headed North through Crewe station with something sounding a little rough! 13/9/2006

57312 "The Hood" passed through platform 5 before reversing into bay platform 2. 13/9/2006

A quite miserable time at Crewe with very little happening, I was just in time to get a snatched shot of 66612 "Forth Raider" emerging from the Chester line with the Penmaenmawr stone. 13/9/2006

Crewe station and the morning Pendolino "drag" is about to leave for Holyhead. 57312 "The Hood" is in charge with 390022 "Virgin Hope" hanging on the rear. 7/9/2006

312 made a snappy start as it passed over the pointwork. 7/9/2006

Minutes later 66555 slid to a halt to await a green before heading off for Penmaenmawr. 7/9/2006

57316 "FAB 1" arrived off the Manchester line and entered platform 1.......

......minutes later it headed back towards Manchester, I suspect it was a route learning turn. 7/9/2006

A bright and clean Super Voyager, 221140 "Vasco da Gama", entered platform 5 en route for Plymouth. 7/9/2006

158824 entered bay platform 9 and minutes later 153362 "Dylan Thomas 1914-1953" left for Chester on shuttle duty. 7/9/2006

A quick look at the now open vista at Horse Landing. 7/9/2006

66139 was heading down under on the avoiding line. 7/9/2006

As 139 entered the tunnel it was clear that the Manchester line (bottom right) was still out of use and, indeed, there is a "STOP" sign clamped to the line just inside the tunnel. 7/9/2006