April 2007 - PAGE ONE

The continuing works on platform 12 as seen from Nantwich Road. 3/4/2007

...and from platform 6. 3/4/2007

57304 "GORDON TRACY" was parked in bay platform 8 before leaving to reverse into platform 11 to await the arrival of the Holyhead bound Pendolino. 3/4/2007

The Pendolino duly arrived in the form of 390046 "Virgin Soldiers". 3/4/2007

92029 "Dante" passed through heading for Basford Hall sidings. 3/4/2007

57310 "KYRANO" appeared off the Manchester line and ran through platform 1. 3/4/2007

66139 emerged from Basford Hall and ran off towards Manchester with a train of flats. 3/4/2007

A few minutes later 66112 did the same but with a track maintenance train in tow. 3/4/2007

86609 appeared from the IEMD and ran through to Basford Hall. 3/4/2007

150259 was running around the station area. 3/4/2007

57304 leaving for Holyhead with 390046 in tow. 3/4/2007

As the train left, A4 Pacific number 60009 "Union of South Africa" could be seen in steam on the LNWR depot. Keeping the A4 company were 61994"The Great Marquess", 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" and 78019, also in steam. Easter charters?   3/4/2007

150240 was on the Chester shuttle - what a drab livery! 3/4/2007