February 2007 - PAGE ONE

A trip to Sandbach to see what is apparently the final run from Heyes Chemicals before the point connection is removed. I arrived at the station to see that the Middlewich branch signalling is bagged and crossed out and, as there is no access to the branch from the down main line, we had a problem. I hung around just in case something arrived and photographed 66573 moving quickly on a freight. 14/02/2007

Shortly afterwards, 323223 pulled away en route for Crewe as 158829 shot North. The line seems to be much faster since the upgrade work was carried out - or maybe it's an illusion. 14/02/2007

While at the station I heard a train horn in the distance so knew that the engine had arrived from the North end of the branch, I set off to see what I could find nearer to the Hayes plant and sight of the tankers from the road confirmed that the train had not left. Minutes after I arrived at the crossing I heard the horn again and 66100 came into view with the set of tankers. 14/02/2007

....and that would appear to be that, no more 37's rattling through Crewe with the "Sandbach Acid" and, apparently, no more of anything from the Heyes site. 14/02/2007

The 7 tank wagons disappeared into history behind 66100. 14/02/2007

I was surprised to see an 08 shunter at Crewe and looking good as well - it was 08780. 10/02/2007

37713 looked to be waiting for the chop, something in front of it looks to have recently disappeared judging by the gap in the line and the amount of debris. 10/02/2007

Destination Liverpool, 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" comes storming in to Crewe Station. 10/02/2007

It sailed in in perfect majesty. 10/02/2007

As it entered platform 11, the reason why 6201 couldn't take water at Crewe was apparent with scaffolding now occupying most of platform 12 and its avoiding line. 10/02/2007

A timeless shot at Crewe as the train waits for the off. I was grateful to the gentleman in blue, studying the engine, for backing away to allow me to take more shots, not everyone is so understanding. 10/02/2007

Speaking of timeless.............. 10/02/2007

Off to Winsford to take on water. 10/02/2007

I can't guess at how many times I watched this scene at Crewe in the late 50's and early 60's but it never fails to stir the blood. Better still was to watch these machines "purring" through Hartford on their way North but looking SO much better in green. 10/02/2007

Tacked on the rear end was the ubiquitous class 47, in this case 47826 "Springburn". As the train snaked over the points to gain the down slow, a Pendolino left on the down fast in parallel, I would have liked to have watched that develop! I don't know how many coaches were behind 6201 but it wasn't working at all hard to leave. 10/02/2007

This was the view of platform 12 from the overbridge as I left the station. A complete morass of scaffolding being erected in preparation for the removal of the decaying roof. 10/02/2007