January 2007 - PAGE ONE

A visit to LNWR Heritage Ltd to see "The Great Marquess" after overhaul. 05/01/2007

The industrial scene at Crewe - it does your heart good to see it. Note 60009 "Union of South Africa" receiving attention. 05/01/2007

A closer shot of 60009. 05/01/2007

loaded on the trailer and almost ready to go. 05/01/2007

Site Manager Stephen Latham makes a few last minute checks. 05/01/2007

It looked quite small on the back of the trailer and, as an LNER machine, a long way from home. The engine's size belies its power, I have seen one shot of it going over the S&C line with 12 on plus an "ETHEL" - not bad for a little 'un. 05/01/2007

The tender was winched onto a second trailer. 05/01/2007

Leaving the site en route for North Staffordshire for running-in. 05/01/2007

Traffic was stopped while "wrong line working" was implemented. 05/01/2007

Leaving Crewe. 05/01/2007

A few sights seen in the works - "Britannia" under repair. 05/01/2007

70000's left hand cylinder. 05/01/2007

Also being given the treatment was another 2-6-0, number 78019. 05/01/2007

Although not in steam there was a driver present on the footplate! 05/01/2007

Ah! must be a trainee getting familiar with the controls. 05/01/2007

87035 continues to undergo restoration - to Electric Blue I understand. 05/01/2007