March 2007 - PAGE TWO

Super voyager 221140 "Vasco de Gama" leaning into the curve as it passes through Conwy station 24/3/2007

47812 leading 47815 "Great Western" towards the Conwy arch. 24/3/2007

The train, complete with "Compass Tours" headboard was running from Carlisle to Holyhead.

The train had been brought down from Carlisle behind newly restored 86101 "Sir William A Stanier FRS". Engines were swapped at Crewe. 24/3/2007

Twice before I had recorded 86101, then in Inter-City livery.

57005 "Freightliner Excellence" appeared with 86101 "Sir William A.Stanier FRS" in tow. 86101 has recently come back from the dead after a period of inactivity. 18/10/2001

Parked up at Crewe IEMD were three class 86 locomotives. Nearest is 86101 "Sir William A Stanier FRS" then 86102 "Robert A Riddles" and 86210 "CIT 75th Anniversary" in RES livery. I understood that the first two were to be overhauled and reintroduced to traffic - what happened? 12/02/2001