May 2007 - PAGE TWO

The Northern Belle leaving Crewe with a Lincoln-Llandudno charter hauled by 67006 "Royal Sovereign". 23/5/2007

On the rear end was 67025 "Western Star". This name has been applied with some imagination because Britannia class Pacific number 70025 was also named "Western Star". 23/5/2007

 57311 "Parker" was on hand to drag 390046 "Virgin Soldiers" to Holyhead. 23/5/2007

Despite the avoiding lines being open there was quite a rush of freight through the station. This is 66002 "Lafarge Quorn" heading North. 23/5/2007

66624 came off the LNWR depot to stop at the South end of platform 12. It later ran South down the main line. 23/5/2007

Pendolino 390021 "Virgin Dream" en route for Liverpool. 23/5/2007

92031 "The Institute of Logistics and Transport" came off Basford Hall and also headed North up the main line. 23/5/2007

150245 had been parked in bay platform 8 but was started up and left with Manchester Piccadilly on the blinds. It then returned to run through platform 12 thus demonstrating that the line is open again. 23/5/2007

Super Voyager 221102 "John Cabot" arrived in platform 11 from North Wales en route for London.
Note the refurbished platform 12 and repainted overbridge.

Another view of platform 12 with its new roof. Old meets new? - Yuk. 23/5/2007

Another view of 12. 23/5/2007

Now the North end of platform 6 has lost its glass cover. 23/5/2007