November 2007 - PAGE ONE

57315 "THE MOLE" was sat waiting at Crewe for the morning Pendolino drag to Holyhead. 9/11/2007

Superpower on the Crewe-Chester shuttle in the form of 158818. 9/11/2007

175002 arrived from North Wales. 9/11/2007

A surprise and most welcome too was D6990/37411 "Caerphilly Castle /Castell Caerffili" with a couple of fuel tankers presumably from the IEMD. 9/11/2007

411 didn't stop but ran through platform 12. 9/11/2007

323237 arrived from Manchester in unbranded form. 9/11/2007

Nothing seems to be branded these days. 9/11/2007

Track animal number 1...

...and track animal number 2. 9/11/2007

Another nice surprise was the appearance of 67027 "Rising Star" as the Holyhead route learner. 9/11/2007

Having ventured through platform 6 rather than the avoiding loop, it crossed over to access the Chester line. 9/11/2007

While all this had been going on the Holyhead bound Pendolino had arrived from London Euston running about 10 minutes down. However, although the shunter and several others had appeared to process the switch from AC to diesel, there was no indication that 57315 was being started up. Time passed and still no sign of 315 becoming active when 57304 appeared in the distance presumably to act as, well, thunderbird! 9/11/2007

It ran through platform 6, crossed over and reversed onto platform 12. 9/11/2007

A dodgy shot of a brace of thunderbirds. 9/11/2007

Eventually the Holyhead service departed running some 40 minutes down. 9/11/2007

The Pendolino was 390024 "Virgin Venturer". 9/11/2007

Leaving with the rear coupling exposed. 9/11/2007

57305 "JOHN TRACY" parked waiting to take the morning Pendolino through to Holyhead. 2/11/2007

Both couplings were down - most unusual. 2/11/2007

175004 was on a South Wales - Manchester service.. 2/11/2007

Parked in bay platform 7 was 153303 coupled to....

........150208. 2/11/2007

Out of nowhere came three Class 325 mail units, it's a long time since they were common site at Crewe.. 325011 was leading at some pace. 2/11/2007

325007 was on the rear end. 2/11/2007

92030 "Ashford" came off the Chester line from the IEMD and dived into the undergrowth. 2/11/2007