November 2007 - PAGE THREE

 57302 "Virgil Tracy" sits at Crewe while Pendolino 390049 "Virgin Express" is prepared for its run to Holyhead. 24/11/2007

 47769 "Resolve" passed through off the LNWR carriage sheds, en route for the IETD. 24/11/2007

 In tow was coach 41201 in Grand Central livery. Smart looking, difficult to photograph. 24/11/2007

 31105 arrived off the Stoke line on a maintenance train....

 ....with 31285 on the rear. unfortunately they stopped in platform 2 so long shots prevailed. 24/11/2007

 31601 passed through platform 5, a poor shot but the colour warranted using it! 24/11/2007

 The reason for the visit to Crewe eventually arrived in platform 12, "Hall" class number 4965 "Rood Ashton Hall" en route for Chester. 24/11/2007

 The other ghost 175008 was on the Chester shuttle. Probably the last time we will see this unit in this livery because it is scheduled for a change. This was the first time I had noticed the Welsh version of Crewe. 24/11/2007

 47769 returned without the GC coach but retaining 4504 which I assume was a match vehicle. 24/11/2007

57301 "SCOTT TRACY" was waiting for the arrival of the morning Pendolino. 14/11/2007

Coupler dropped and waiting. 14/11/2007

My first view of the new London Midland livery on 350106, much brighter than the original silver grey. 14/11/2007

"on the hoof" shot. 14/11/2007

57302 "VIRGIL TRACY" on standby in bay platform 7. It later left on the Manchester line. 14/11/2007

57301 on the move and 15 down with 390032 "City of Birmingham" in tow.

Off to Wales. 14/11/2007

350106 returned from Liverpool with 350103 connected - almost a real train. 14/11/2007

47790 arrived off the Manchester line now in DRS livery. 14/11/2007

It's a smart livery and much brighter than it's previous coatings.....

.....this one was RES livery and carrying the name "Dewi Sant/Saint David" seen passing Old Colwyn with a Virgin, Holyhead-London Euston service on 29th September 2001.

It then changed its colours to EWS and was denamed. It is seen here leaving Chester with a Holyhead-Manchester service on 12th February 2004.

175110 "the ghost" was on a South Wales-Manchester service. 14/11/2007

Too late, I realised that some of the 323's appear to have changed their end liveries - this is the old one. I suspect that the stripes at the bottom have disappeared and the number has moved right. 14/11/2007

Unbranded and unnamed Super Voyager 221123 arrived from Holyhead en route for Euston. 14/11/2007

The number on 175004 has been applied to the removable panel at this end.....

.....but is in the normal position at this end. An interesting thought went through my mind that if the panels from various units were removed during servicing, it would be possible for a unit to return to service carrying two different numbers. Ho hum! 14/11/2007

Pendolino 390009 "Virgin Queen" was parked on the avoiding loop and I noticed that the coaches have a large connecting cable looped across the gap (top). However, there are no cables between coaches A-B and B-C. Anyone know why and does this apply at the other end? 14/11/2007

The mail train shot through at a rate of knots heading North with unit 015 trailing. 14/11/2007