October 2007 - PAGE TWO

57304 "GORDON TRACY" waits in platform 11 for the morning Euston-Holyhead drag. 30/10/2007

Pendolino 390027 "Virgin Buccaneer" duly arrived some 5 minutes down. 30/10/2007

The shunters dropped down onto the track and began unpacking the Pendolono's coupler. 30/10/2007

The 57 was called on. 30/10/2007

Standing well clear as the couplers prepare to engage. The 67 was called on but then stopped just short of the Pendolino before being called on again. I assume that this is a safety precaution. 30/10/2007

The various couplings look quite complicated but it was a credit to the staff involved that the whole operation took less than 5 minutes including the various tests. 30/10/2007

The ensemble preparing to leave. 30/10/2007

On the move. 30/10/2007

Heading into the gathering storm en route for Holyhead. 30/10/2007

Carlisle bound 390023. 30/10/2007

47575 parked on what was the diesel depot yard. 30/10/2007

To the rear was the sad sight of derelict 37420 formerly named "The Scottish Hostller", a regular, and very popular, locomotive on the coast. 30/10/2007

37608 entered platform 12 with the morning RHTT en route for Holyhead. 30/10/2007

On the rear was 37194. 30/10/2007

Parked in bay platform 8 was 57316 "FAB 1". 30/10/2007

The mess that is the front of a class 57/3. 30/10/2007

221109 "Marco Polo" arrived from Holyhead en route for London Euston. 30/10/2007

92013 "Puccini" appeared from the IEMD and passed through the station. 30/10/2007

In tow was 92022 "Charles Dickens". 30/10/2007