September 2007 - PAGE ONE

My first visit to Crewe for a while and my how the weeds have grown. This was the view from the concrete footbridge. This platform is not in use of course. 13/09/2007

The changing face of Crewe station, this was the view from the rear of the admin buildings on platform 12. I would guess that this area will soon be closed off to the public. 13/09/2007

Viewed in the other direction looking towards the now closed diesel depot. 13/09/2007

Extant remnants of the old structure with disused OLE hanging from it. 13/09/2007

86632/86501/66512 entering bay platform 8 - it started to become confusing after this. 13/09/2007

86501 was reported to have burned out its traction motors a few days ago. 13/09/2007

The cavalcade waited before running across to the LNWR depot. 13/09/2007

221127 "Wright Brothers" entered platform 11 with the morning Euston-Llandudno service. 13/09/2007

86632 then reappeared with some flats and....

....66512 on the rear. These two then headed South again. 13/09/2007

Then 66612 "Forth Raider" appeared with one wagon full of sleepers and some old support pillars....

....with 66614 on the rear. These two then also headed back South. 13/09/2007

I just caught a glimpse of a class 37 moving down the WCML then crossing over towards platforms 11/12. I waited for it to reappear at the South end of the station but it never arrived. I hurried to the North end to find 37410 ticking over in bay platform 10 - Oh joy! 13/09/2007

The other end of this magnificent beast. As I left the station 410 departed via the Chester line. 13/09/2007

The engine carried the name "Aluminium 100" - unofficially I am sure. 13/09/2007