A visit to Conwy Castle to photograph the Pendolino drag but it never arrived - well on time anyway. During my wait on the castle ramparts it was a case of shoot whatever arrives. In this case it was an unidentified 175/1 which glided round the curve on its way to Llandudno Junction via the box bridge. 22/4/2008

 A 175/0 heading West. 22/4/2008

 Shortly afterwards the "Hippo Ghost" also headed West. 22/4/2008

 Close up of 175110. 22/4/2008

 66613 crept round the castle tower with a Penmaenmawr-Crewe ballast train. 22/4/2008

 Heading for the bridge with the Conwy River estuary in the background. On the distant bank of the river runs the Conwy Valley Railway to Blaenau Ffestiniog. 22/4/2008

 Interesting feature at the rear of the train. Compressor? 22/4/2008

 While waiting I noticed something interesting on the main part of the castle......

 ........somebody was maintaining the flagpole. That was something I just could not do, I was having fits standing on the top of the wall surrounded by metal railing and stone edging. Most disturbing - anyone for taking shots of the railway from up there! 22/4/2008

 ........and finally. I just cannot believe that the North Wales Coast is going to be devastated once again, this time with giant windmills in the name of green energy. The A55 has destroyed most of what I remember of this coastline as a child and now this. What a crying shame. This, I believe, is the rig employed off Penmaenhead, placing the bases for the units. This is just the start for these monstrosities that will stretch right across Llandudno - suicidal!

47575 at LNWR Heritage, Crewe. 11/04/2008

Ex-GWR 2-8-0T number 4277. 11/04/2008

87035 formerly named "Robert Burns" under restoration at Crewe Heritage centre. 11/04/2008

Another shot of 035. 11/04/2008

Ex Motorail van M94429 under restoration as a support vehicle for The Class 4 Preservation Trust Ltd.. One of the Trust's engines, 80136, can be seen on the right, awaiting restoration. 11/04/2008