A Duchess, a Castle, double heading 37/4's, double headed steam and a Princess Royal all in one day at Crewe. The Princess Royal was cancelled and the 37/4's and the double headed steam on the way out were too early for me but maybe on the way back in. Here are some of the shots taken on the day - it doesn't come much better.

 OK so it's electric but it looked pretty in its new coat of colours - 323223 en route for Manchester. 26/4/2008

 47760, formerly "Ribblehead Viaduct" and a North Wales Coast loco in new guise, had brought a train in from Lincoln. Between Crewe to Holyhead it was to be Duchess hauled. 26/4/2008

 And this is how it looked on the 10.17 Birmingham-Holyhead in September 2002. It left for Holyhead with me on board. The story is HERE.

 After a few false starts 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" reversed off Crewe Heritage Centre, with support coach, onto its train waiting in platform 12. Wish it was in BR green! 22/4/2008

What can you say? 26/4/2008

 Complete with "Welsh Dragon" headboard. 26/4/2008

 There was no shortage of visitors and passengers. 26/4/2008

 With dreaded drain cocks open we saw some action. 2/4/2008

 On the back end was "Purple Ronnie" 57601. 26/4/2008

 In amongst all the activity was newly painted 175105, I like this livery. While I was admiring the Hippo the Castle sneaked into platform 12 for a quick drink. 26/4/2008

 Compared to the Coronation Pacific it doesn't look much does it? The engine is 6029 "Nunney Castle" of GWR pedigree. It was off to Chester for the day. 26/4/2008

I'm not a particular fan of GWR but I have to say it did look good as it pulled away. Even Fido looked impressed! 26/04/2008

It would have been a classic GWR shot if it hadn't been at Crewe. 26/04/2008

And so ends the first part of the day's happenings - more to come....... 26/04/2008