Further pictures of the charters as they return to Crewe.

45407 leading 76079 as they approach Nantwich station. 26/4/2008

 When I returned to Crewe from Nantwich 57601 was the first item on view. 26/4/2008

The two steam locomotives were resting in platform 12 where they took on water. 26/4/2008

 45407 carries the name "Lancashire Fusilier" although this was applied in preservation and was never carried when it was in main line service with BR. 26/4/2008

The "Pocket Rocket"!   26/4/2008

Moving to the South end of the station witnessed 67013 in Wrexham & Shropshire livery tacked on the end of the train in order to remove the stock from Manchester - the end destination for the charter.  26/4/2008

The Duchess had arrived from Holyhead and was waiting in platform 11 to detach and return to Crewe Heritage Centre.  Why do these people jeopardise the whole enthusiast movement by persistently trespassing off the platform ends. 26/4/2008

After the Duchess had left to turn on the triangle, 47760 backed on and then took the train out for a return to Lincoln.  26/4/2008

On the back end was 57601.  26/4/2008

150255 was looking smart in its new livery.  26/4/2008

The view from the North end of platform 6 took us back in time as the two ex-LMS engines sat side-by-side. Was Crewe really full of such scenes in the days of steam traction! 26/4/2008

Heading for servicing.  26/4/2008

 Time for the double-header to leave with much slipping and exhaust displays. 26/4/2008

Crewe never looked (or smelled) so good. 26/04/2008

It's many a year since I heard the syncopation of a double-header. As a kid I spent many a Summer Saturday a few miles up the WCML at Hartford from where I watched double-headers start off from the station. The one I remember best was piloted by 46100 "Royal Scot" which is soon to be released back onto the main line. The imminent arrival of a "stopper" would be announced by the ringing of a hand bell from the signal box. Happy days... 26/04/2008

Off into the setting Sun, well not quite as they head North.  26/4/2008

The end - of a perfect day? 26/04/2008