The Llanberis Lake Railway's No.1 "Elidir" about to cross the road as it approaches Gilfach Ddu.
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At long last the conifer trees alongside the Virgin car park at Crewe have been removed. These dense trees have been controversial because they have been housing thousands of Starlings. The droppings from the birds have been causing distress to neighbours and covering parked cars. In the Summer the smell of Ammonia was sometimes overwhelming and, if the wind was in the right direction, it could be smelt on the station platforms. Even though the trees are gone the smell of Ammonia persists. 26/08/2008

153367 departing on the Chester shuttle. 26/08/2008

67304 "Gordon Tracy" entering platform 12 to prepare for the Pendolino drag to Holyhead. Reports indicate that this operation will not now cease with the December timetable. 26/08/2008

Leaving for Holyhead with 390025 "Virgin Stagecoach" in tow. 26/08/2008

66189 heading South with a coal train. 26/08/2008

175003 was waiting to depart for Holyhead and was starting to lose its numbers from the front panel. 26/08/2008

With the Stoke line being closed the Manchester traffic was diverted through Crewe and as a result there was a plentiful supply of Voyagers in Cross Country livery. This was 221027. 26/08/2008

221031 heading South. 26/08/2008

221112 "Ferdinand Magellan" was in bay platform 9 with all 5 engines ticking over! 26/08/2008