February 2008 - PAGE ONE

57315 "The Mole" stands at Crewe awaiting the arrival of the London-Holyhead Pendolino. 5/2/2008

Down at the South end of the station stood a string of locomotives led by 66541....

then 86621.....

with 86638.....

.....and 92049 bringing up the rear. 5/2/2008

67028 came off the Chester line and headed South. 5/2/2008

350115 looking smart in the new London Midland, green livery headed South. 5/2/2008

323225 leaving for Manchester. 5/2/2008

175009 had arrived off the Chester line to couple up to 175105 and then leave for Holyhead. 105 was closed off to passengers but all engines were running. 5/2/2008

Something to do with OLE and carrying coils of copper cable and heading for the Chester line - maybe the NW Coast line is being electrified. 5/2/2008

The daily mail (get it?) as 325003 shot through the centre road heading North.....

.....with 325006 bringing up the rear. 5/2/2008

The 158823 arrived from Chester. 5/2/2008

350129 also sported a new coat. 5/2/2008

Well down on time, the arrival of the Pendolino triggered the movement of 513 but not in any particular hurry. 5/2/2008

When everything was sorted and all the couplings coupled (why are there always so many orange vests around the coupling process?) the train, including 390043 "Virgin Explorer", left for Holyhead some 55 minutes down. 5/2/2008

221103 "Christopher Columbus" arrived from Holyhead en route for London Euston. 5/2/2008

92017 "Shakespeare" headed South through the station. 5/2/2008