February 2008 - PAGE TWO

 Super D number 49395 poses outside the LNWR workshops in the Spring sunshine. 13/02/2008

67029 appeared off the platform 12 loop after having been on route learning duty for the Wrexham, Shropshire and Marylebone Railway in preparation for the forthcoming Wrexham-London service. No coaching stock is being used at this stage. This company is ultimately owned by Deutsche Bahn. 12/02/2008

The locomotive was painted as part of the EWS corporate train and carries the larger version of the EWS animal logo - representing English, Welsh and Scottish. The plate reads "TO CELEBRATE THEIR DIAMOND WEDDING ANNIVERSARY HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN AND HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH NAMED THIS LOCOMOTIVE AT RUGELEY STATION ON 12 OCTOBER 2007" 12/02/2008

I think the Class 67's looks much better like this than the maroon livery carried by other EWS locomotives. 12/02/2008

Like this one as 67002 "Special Delivery" followed behind 029.

002 reversed and ran back through platform 11 to reverse again and hook up to 90034 and 92001 "Victor Hugo". 12/02/2008

90034 looks OK in the EWS standard livery even if the low Sun was a menace. 12/02/2008

I think that 001 was the first of the class to gain the maroon livery but not many followed in fact 92031 seems to be the only other one. I have to say that the maroon transforms the appearance of these locomotives. 12/02/2008

The trio set off for the Chester line and the IEMD. 12/02/2008