Stranger in the camp - 258884 in "South West Trains" livery parked up at Crewe. 22/06/2008

 With the Stoke line closed until 1.00 p.m., the Manchester trains were diverted and this one was 220011 in Cross Country livery, en route for Piccadilly. 37423 was parked up South of the station with coaching stock from the previous day's charter. Sadly it was switched off and I was only on a quick visit. 22/06/2008

 There were three class 47's parked on the old diesel depot, the centre one was 815 "GREAT WESTERN". 16/06/2008

A driver stood at the top of a platform with a leather bag normally indicates a crew change and so it was on this occasion heralding the arrival on 66421. 16/06/2008

There appeared to be a problem with the muck hole lines today as the freight workings were using the station. This one was a train of flats hauled by 66067. 16/06/2008

66625 did the reversal trick. 16/06/2008

66412 changed crew in platform 5 before heading South with the "Malcolms". 16/06/2008

A Malcolm! 16/06/2008

 221142 "Mathew Flinders" left platform 5 to head South and only as it passed me did I realise that it was a Super Voyager running in 4 car formation. Grateful thanks to those of you who pointed out that the last four Voyagers were supplied as 4 car units. A visit to Gareth McMurray's highly informative web site The Junction would have told me that - I must learn to do my homework. 16/06/2008

Class 86 AC electrics 86628 and 86627 double headed a southbound freight through the centre road. 16/06/2008