90029 The "Institution of Civil Engineers" headed down through Crewe's platform 12 avoiding line. 1/5/2008

 57314 "FIREFLY" arrived in platform 11 with the afternoon Pendolino drag from Holyhead. 1/5/2008

 The Pendolino 390051 "Virgin Ambassador" soon followed. 1/5/2008

 It was interesting to note that 051 had its number displayed on the nose but only at the trailing end. Is there a move to number them all this way and give us all a chance? 1/5/2008

 175010 in its new guise - much better I feel. 1/5/2008

 66552 "Maltby Raider" exited the "muck hole" with and engineer's train of ballast. It's hard to think that all those years ago I would sneak down the steps and past the offices located just beyond the top of the tunnel, to race to the far side of Crewe North sheds and be sent out while collecting numbers on the way. Thankfully the enginemen were usually quite sympathetic and the pacifics etc were seen as worth the risk! 1/5/2008

 As the 66 went up 92034 "Kipling" came down. 1/5/2008

 A whistler could be heard from the bridge so a quick repositioning was achieved in time to catch 40145 "East Lancashire Railway" heading through platform 12......

 ......with 67025 "Western Star" in tow. 1/5/2008