66412 stopped in platform 12 to change crews before heading North. 2/5/2008

Messing about in the ex-diesel depot yard was D1748/47815 "GREAT WESTERN". 2/5/2008

153353 was trailing 153312 en route for South Wales. 2/5/2008

 175002 in new livery. 2/5/2008

 A very smart looking 86638 left the LNWR depot to enter bay platform 8...... reverse and run down to Basford Hall. 2/5/2008

Surprise of the day was the arrival of DVT 82101, once a common site on the WCML. This vehicle was included in the final scheduled Euston-Manchester service under class 87 haulage. The remains of its gold-painted buffers was still evident. 2/5/2008

 Sadly there are no class 87's currently able to propel such a formation so 90020 "Collingwood" had to suffice. 2/5/2008

 57302 "Virgil Tracy" arrived from Holyhead with the Pendolino drag and eventually headed North. 2/5/2008

The Pendo was 390039 "Virgin Quest". 2/5/2008

66002 "Lafarge Quorn" arrived in the loop, detached and ran round whatever it was it had been towing. 2/5/2008

The scheduled Northern Belle arrived from the LNWR carriage sheds with 67009 piloting 67011. 2/5/2008

Destination was Gobowen in North Wales. 2/5/2008