A pale looking 90046 was resting in Crewe's bay platform 8 before setting off for the Weston Road sheds. 11/02/2009

 221107 "Sir Martin Frobisher" was leading 221112 "Ferdinand Magellan" for the morning trip to Holyhead. 11/02/2009

 Class 350/1 and 350/2 are now commonplace around Crewe and this example, 350108, was en route for Birmingham. 11/02/2009

 There do appear to be more Pendolinos around since the new timetable was introduced. This unidentified unit was leaving Crewe for Euston.....

 .....while this one wasn't bothered about stopping. 11/02/2009

 Pendolinos are not the only services to speed through Crewe, the Voyagers also have their moments. This is 221106 "Willem Barents" leading 221109 "Marco Polo" on their way to who knows where. 09/02/2009

 An almost pleasant scene as an unidentified Pendolino waits to depart for Glasgow. 09/02/2009

 Track machine 73909 "Saturn" headed South along the West Coast Main Line. 09/02/2009

 86628 came off the Freightliner depot and ran into bay platform 8 before running off to Basford Hall sidings. 11/02/2009

 While the 86 was waiting, 153362 left for Shrewsbury. 11/02/2009

 530101 on its way to Liverpool Lime Street. 11/02/2009

 66422 entered bay platform 8 before leaving to return to enter bay platform 7! 11/02/2009

 The DRS livery looks smart. 11/02/2009

 While the 66 was waiting, the Network Rail HST test train appeared in platform 12 with power car 43013 leading.....

 .....and 43014 trailing. 11/02/2009

 "Lord Nelson" on Junction 16 of the M6, not the best of shots because I didn't have a tripod with me. 10/02/2009

 "Ring Haw" leaving Cheddleton for Froghall on The Churnet Valley Railway during the Winter Gala. 7/02/2009