57314 (formerly "Firefly") sits waiting for business at Crewe. 24/02/2009

 Smart livery. 24/02/2009

 A string of "Freightliners", comprising 86604.....



 and 66517, all of which set off for the carriage sidings. 24/02/2009

 66622 entered platform 12 with a train of wagons. 24/02/2009

 The end vehicle appeared to be an advertising platform. 24/02/2009

 66517 and 86604 returned to head off towards Basford sidings. 24/02/2009

 The unused platform (originally platform 1?) from where many depot photographs were taken in the past, was being demolished. 24/02/2009

 Apparently the removal will only go as far back as the top of the incline just level with the JCB bucket. More history is removed from Crewe Station. 24/02/2009

 221109 "Marco Polo" and 390048 "Virgin Harrier" approach each other at speed. 24/02/2009

 A front end study. 24/02/2009

 350231 waited in platform 12 to leave for Liverpool, this unit must be fairly new out of the box. 24/02/2009

 57315 in ARRIVA livery was receiving attention at Crewe. 17/02/2009

 Same place, same engine but in Virgin livery on 9th November 2007.

57315 was still receiving attention when the morning Holyhead-bound Voyager service appeared in the guise of 221104 "Sir John Franklin" leading 221101 "Louis Blériot". 17/02/2009

I was at the North end of the station when a class 37 appeared on an ecs working but not sufficiently to be identified from where I was standing. A brisk walk to the South end of platform 12 revealed 47802 "Pride of Cumbria" preparing to take the train back out. The stock was branded DRS. 17/02/2009

 While the 47 was waiting to leave, 37601 ran into platform 12 with 37602 and 66425 in tow. 17/02/2009




 The trio left on the Shrewsbury line and after further hanging around the 47 eventually left with clag aplenty. 17/02/2009

 The elusive 37 turned out to be 37682, formerly named "Hartlepool Pipe Mill" whilst in EWS ownership and seen quite regularly at Crewe. 17/02/2009

 This was how I last saw 37682, trailing in T&T mode with 37893 on a railhead cleaner heading towards Colwyn Bay station on 23rd October 2004. Both were in EWS livery.

 90048 came off the ARRIVA depot. 17/02/2009